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The Homega System (Insulation Boards)

The Homega System™ is a 4' x 8' moulded insulation board with 3 integrated wood furring strips (which are located every 16" from center/center). This eases the installation process as well as reduces workmanship costs. The Homega System™ insulation boards are available in three different widths: 2 ½” (R10), 3 ½“ (R13.5) and 3 7/8 “ (R15, which conforms to the Novoclimat program’s requirements). "An Ecological Product" This insulation board composed of expanded polystyrene material (which is now a recyclable material) is as well manufactured under a process that also contains recyclable materials inserted within the product. The Homega System™ insulation boards are ideal to insulate foundation walls, non-insulated concrete slabs, inner and outer walls as well as flat or cathedral ceilings. This insulation board offers numerous advantages compared to other conventional insulation boards sold on the market…

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